The kids in the photo above live on a tropical island!

The island is called ‘Pulau Redang’ and it is in Malaysia. The word ‘pulau’ means ‘island’ in Malay.

Their tropical island is beautiful. The sea is warm and clean. And guess what - the island is a marine park, so they can explore coral reefs only a few metres from the beach! Pulau Redang is mostly covered with jungle, which is home to little mouse deer, bats, monitor lizards, and many wonderful birds. Turtles also visit the island to lay eggs, but you have to sit very quietly on the beach at night if you want to watch them.

The kids go to school on the island and live in a village, which is called a ‘kampung’ in Malay. Their village is called ‘Kampung Hulu Redang’. There is only one road on Pulau Redang and not many cars. The island kids like to ride bicycles.

To get to Pulau Redang, you can take a ferry boat from the east-coast state of Terengganu or fly directly from the international airport at Kuala Lumpur. Malaysian kids like to eat rice, especially with fish, chicken and beef. (Lots of Malaysian kids are Muslim, and Muslims don’t eat pork.) All of their food must be brought to the island by boat, and most rubbish taken away by boat also.

Most of their mums stay at home to take care of the family. Their dads usually work at tourist hotels or are boat drivers. Some of the dads are fishermen or dive instructors.

You are welcome to visit Pulau Redang, but you’d better remember that most resorts are closed during the ‘monsoon’ months (when there are big storms and lots of rain) from November to February.

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