Areas of specialisation      
SRM has identified and forged a core set of areas of specialisation related to the marine sector. These areas of specialisation range from: Multi-disciplinary Project Design and Management through to more specific disciplines such as Marine Natural Resource Management, Offshore Aquaculture and Maritime Defence. One skill area which SRM is particularly capable of undertaking is marine project management. Our wide knowledge of the marine environment provides us the indispensable skills to manage a project requiring input expertise of multidisciplinary nature. We have developed the competence to guide team members; collaborate with stakeholders; streamline clients’ expectations with risks; and rationalise project objectives with real outcomes in implementing different types of projects - whether public- or private-driven.

Our consulting team has also developed the capability to undertake public consultation through workshops, interviews and survey questionnaires. This ability has been an essential ingredient to successfully implement many policy or marine resource management initiatives at either the State, Federal or inter-governmental level. As a private company, we understand and appreciate the necessity to sustain viable and profitable projects or enterprises.

Each of our in-house consultants specialises in a marine-related field and has been trained to be proficient in one or more aspect of marine project management. For more information on individual skills please click here.

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