Alliances & corporate clients

Through an alliance with several renowned national and foreign companies, SRM is able to access world-class marine expertise. Over the past nine years, SRM efforts have resulted in the transfer of knowledge and technology for marine management in Malaysia - whether within the public sector or private businesses. To this end, SRM continues to cooperate with foreign entity specialising in marine business and management including: Universal Nets Pty Ltd and Jeyco Pty Ltd. SRM is especially proud to have been in a strategic alliance with Australian Marine Science and Technology Ltd (AMSAT) since 1998.

In executing projects, we have cooperated with Zul Rafique & Partners; Philip Teoh & Co.; REI Management Sdn Bhd; Guoy Consultancy; Fanli Marine Consultancy Sdn Bhd; TL Geosciences Sdn Bhd; RHO-1 Consultants Sdn Bhd; Eagle Eyes Tuna Spotting; ANZ Planners Sdn Bhd; Elan Educational Management Consultants; EuroPacific Tuna Ltd; Tay & Partners; and Vandoorn Fishing Company Pty Ltd; among many others.

Our clients have included the Government of Malaysia (e.g., Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-business); the state government of Terengganu; Selangor Waters Management Authority; Terengganu Development Institute; Universiti Putra Malaysia; APEC OCEANS; ASEAN Working Group on Coastal & Marine Environment; Western Australian Trade Office; and Maicons Technology Sdn Bhd.

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  Alliances & corporate clients